fbpx Who are we?

Who are we?

Every day 98,873,877 Stories around the world find them selves sent in to the archive without any hope to return!

We’re here to change that!

Don’t let your story go by after a day , FREEZE THE MOMENT – MAKE IT A MEMORY

Ok, cool but what is it ?

An Icestory is a story design by you, and printed by us on an extra thick Acrylic glass that gives your story a fresh , glamorous, shiny, Three dimensions one of a kind look!

How does it even work?  

Right here on our website you can design the perfect story!

With our unique systems you can upload your favorite image and use a variety of editing options such as : adding a profile picture and user name , text in different fonts, Hashtags, locations, stickers and even draw something cool with our paintbrush.

After a quick design session fill up your details and the Icestory will be on it’s way to you!

And it’s not all!

The icestory comes in a lucrative and original packaging making it the perfect gift to give to your love ones 🙂